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Choosing the Right Rental Car for Your Needs When on Vacation


Going on vacation takes a lot of planning and preparation in order for it to all go off completely without a hitch. Often times, transportation is overlooked when you are in you are home still in the planning stages. You get so wrapped up in finding the best airfares on the best dates and cheapest yet highest quality hotels, sometimes you just get the cheapest or easiest rental car option, only to find out it doesn’t fit your needs when you reach your destination. Here are a few things to consider when picking what car will best fit you:


How Many People are in Your Group

This is an easy question to answer but sometimes goes a little deeper when choosing a rental car. If you only need it to take you and your small family to Seaworld for example, then you could do with a small economy car. If you plan to use it regularly to go sightseeing around the city or commuting or traveling from city to another nearby city a lot, you may want to consider a slightly larger car for more comfort all around. There are few things as bad as being cramped into a tiny little car for hours on end when you’re trying to take in the local sights.


How Much and what Type of Luggage/Cargo Space will You Need

Again this seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes finer details get overlooked. For example, if you need a vehicle big enough for five adults and their luggage then a large sedan or small SUV would probably suffice. However, if anybody is traveling with irregular or oversized luggage, it may be worth it to look into renting something with a roof rack, or a pickup truck that has a bed.


What Type of Terrain Will You Primarily be Driving

This is a little more tricky question to know when booking a rental car. Some things you’ll definitely need to consider are parking availability, road conditions, traffic, etc. If you are going to be in a big city and just need transportation from point A to point B, the best option would be a small compact. On the flip side, if you’ll be along the coast and plan on surfing, you’ll want a pickup truck with a rack and bed. Take all of these into consideration before you book, because if you get there and they don’t have the ideal car, you’re going to have a bad time.


Know the Local Driving Laws to Avoid Troubles

It may not be an issue as long as you aren’t traveling internationally, but if you are renting in another country, try to familiarize yourself as best as possible with their laws before getting behind the wheel. It’s unfortunate, yet common that tourists in rental cars get targeted for minor infractions because it’s easy revenue. Don’t be one of the unlucky ones that gets their license taken for making an improper left turn!



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